Monday, December 22, 2014

ATC's on the Brain!

Dang! It has been awhile since I posted here.  I've been working mostly, and have been piddling with ATC cards.

I joined a 1960's Television swap.  (Della has 2 slots left for anyone interested—due in Feb).

I love Leave it to Beaver.  All these years later I still try to catch an episode daily. :)  For the swap it had to be a collage card and have a character from the television show with a quote.  This one is Eddie Haskell with his usual compliment to June Cleaver.

I loved watching Hogan's Heroes growing up, and like most of you hated Colonel Clink and loved Sergeant Schultz.  I almost portrayed Schultz instead with his "I see nothing...I know nothing!"

Out of all of the cards, I think this one turned out the best.  I just recently started watching Dr. Who. I am presently in season 4 and hope to get through the series.

I also belong to a few round robin groups.  One is a hand-drawn only group, and the other is pretty much anything goes. The premise is that there is a 1st 2nd and 3rd player.  Someone starts, theres a middle man (LOL) and then the last person finishes it up.  I made this set last nite as a starter.  I'm going to send it off to someone.  After I get it back I'll post how it turned out! 

This set is for the hand-drawn group.
Besides the endless geometrical boxes and cans I used to doodle all over my school work, snoopy had a prominent position.  My teachers were always griping about keeping my papers less "sloppy" :)

For the CCRR group

I still had snoopy on the brain when I made this one last night.  Both of these sets will be added on to by 2 other people.  I can't wait to get them back and post the finished projects!  See you then!

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