Sunday, October 26, 2014


So I spent my younger years growing up in Fort Collins Colorado.  I always marveled at the huge mountains (I still do).

There was one specific mountain that had a huge A on it.  I asked my mom what it was for and she said it was an A for Aggies.  My young mind always thought Aggies was the name of a supermarket.  In reality it was named after the Colorado State University Aggie Ram which was adopted by the school in 1959.  My dad was attending the school to get his PhD in Electrical Engineering.

I have fond memories of the five of us traveling to the top of the mountain by car and in shorts and tee-shirts having snowball fights with my brother and sister.  My mom could dish it out too.

I can't draw (or paint) mountains as well as I vision them in my mind, but that doesn't make them any less breathtaking.  Today I spent the better part of the day working on this envelope (cover) for one of my buddies in the art cover exchange.

Its the first time I have attempted a snow scene.  Of course I have my usual barbed wire fencing I have been putting on almost all of my artwork for years.

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  1. What a gorgeous view! It's nice to have a story go along with your art. To know what you where thinking of when you made it. :)